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We work remotely - all over the world!

from 60 $
per sq.m

"Design project"

Ideal for remote work

(from 100 sq.m., 3 edits)

  •  Planning decision

  •  Design Concept

  •  3D Visualization

  •  Selection of materials

  •  Technical drawings 

*up to 100 sq.m. the cost is specified by the manager

from 80 $
per sq.m

"Design project
with author's supervision"

Optimal set of services

(from 100 sq.m., 3 edits)

  •  Planning solution

  •  Design concept

  •  3D Visualizations

  •  Selection of materials

  •  Technical drawings

  •  Author's supervision

*up to 100 sq.m. the cost is specified by the manager

*If you are not from Kharkiv,

author's supervision details are 

specified by the manager

from 100 $
per sq.m

"Turnkey design

We take everything upon ourselves

(from 100 sq.m., 3 edits)

  •  Planning decision

  •  Design Concept

  •  3D Visualizations

  •  Technical drawings

  •  Selection of materials

  •  Author's supervision

  •  Construction management

  •  Organization of the supply of furniture and materials

  •  Final decoration

*up to 100 sq.m. the cost is specified by the manager

*If you are not from Kharkiv, author's supervision details are 

specified by the manager

The composition of the design project:

  • Planning decision;

  • 3D visualization of all premises;

  • Measurement plan;

  • Plan the dismantling of walls and partitions;

  • Plan of installation of walls and partitions, nodes;

  • Plan after redevelopment;

  • Door opening plan;

  • Furniture layout plan;

  • Plan of arrangement of plumbing fixtures;

  • Plan of floor materials;

  • Plan of heating appliances and underfloor heating;

  • Ceiling plan nodes;

  • Plan of the location of lighting fixtures;

  • Plan of switches with binding of lighting groups;

  • Deployment plan for the sockets;

  • Plan of finishing the walls of the premises;

  • Marking plan for wall sweeps;

  • Wall sweeps;

  • Drawings of custom-made furniture;

  • List of finishing materials (binding to REAL finishing materials).


Stages of remote work


01 Contract and terms of reference


We sign a contract / advance payment in the amount of 20%.

We contact measurers in your city, they make photo fixation and measurements of the premises for us. We fill out the terms of reference for the project, where you fix all the wishes for color, functionality, furniture and finishing materials. We select analogues of interiors that you like.

04 Documentation

After the approval of all 3D visualizations, an advance payment is made in the amount of 10% for the documentation stage. We prepare detailed drawings for the premises (plans and developments), drawings of individual structures, as well as bills of materials. After that, we present the finished design project and a complete package of documents for the implementation of the project.



03 Collage creation and 3D visualization

02 Planning solution

We create a planning solution (2-3 options), choose one and refine it, make the necessary adjustments and agree on it. 


05 Realization

We carry out all construction and finishing works on a turnkey basis. We provide a complete set of the construction object and decorate your new home.

Prepayment before the development of collages - 30%. Creation of collages (one option for each room). Collages reflect the overall color scheme, space zoning and finishes, types of used finishing materials, as well as furniture and light sources (without specifying a specific manufacturer).

The next prepayment in the amount of 40% is to be made. We start creating photorealistic 3D visualizations based on approved collages.

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We create design projects with meaning!

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